ungirls club

A community of sex and body-positive people, inspiring, educating and empowering each other to overcome shame and express their true self.

Join us for monthly group chats, free educational resources, regular events and more.

Join one of our private group pages to meet new friends, share resources, chat and even start your own group


Our community is all about acceptance and support, so we've created a forum for you to chat and ask questions without fear of judgement or shame.


We believe in empowerment through education so we collect and share tons of helpful free learning resources and invite you to share some too!


Entry to our club is free, but if you'd like to support what we do and help us do more, please consider donating - thank you!

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We host regular instagram live chats with other badass accounts, talking about issues like sex education, mental health and taboos. Send us a message on our IG if you'd like to talk to us LIVE <3

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