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All women are leaders, but we severely lack representation in leadership. Women are also less likely to have access to the education needed for leadership. That’s where Leading Women comes in. We want to create a community that empowers female leadership through more representation of women, and free access to the skills and support needed to become a leader. 

Globally, only 47.7% of women are in the workforce. We want to empower women in their careers through stories, advice and experiences from women in a diverse range of industries. 

Life is expensive for a woman! Some studies have estimated that women pay $1351 annually more than men, yet women have very little education about money. That’s what we want to change. Information is power, and in this case, money. Check out the blog for sound advice for saving and making money!

We are all about sharing skills. We believe that when women support women, we all thrive. Education is our path to empowerment.


We are all about #womenleadingwomen so we have collaborated with some great women who provide specialised coaching and mentorship.

If you'd like to become a mentor, click below!

Podcast and
Career Coach
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Dana is a podcast coach and manager based in Saigon, Vietnam but can work with clients all around the world! She can help you get started, editing, taking show notes and marketing your new podcast! Check out her instagram for daily helpful information or send her a message. 

Presentation and
Speech Writing
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Specialising in public speaking, vocal training and speech writing. Chat to Cat if you have a presentation, want to host a youtube channel or just have more confidence expressing yourself.

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