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UNGIRL reviews


I remember when I first came to a speaking night, I felt so thrilled by the concept. Cat was hosting so well always with a touch of humor and knew how to make people feel comfortable. I’ve heard some of the craziest & heartbreaking stories and I couldn’t wait each time to go to the next event to hear some other brave women share their stories. The speaking nights in Saigon are a safe place for women to get the opportunity to just speak up and open up about so many topics (taboos or not). It’s also a place where people can practice their public speaking with no judgment. So grateful to be part of UG!

Joelle Hawes

UNGIRL (formerly Leading Women) was a fantastic initiative created in Saigon. In a tumultuous city, it brought women together both foreign and local, allowing us to feel connected both to our roots as women and the city in which we lived. Giving us a voice felt so important and empowering. We shared our stories, our trauma, our desires, our ideas. We cried and laughed together. We inspired each other and felt stronger together. I am deeply grateful that this space was formed for us all. When it came to sharing my personal story, I had fear physically shaking me all day, churning my stomach, drying my mouth. I needn't have worried. It felt natural and safe to share everything, things I've never publicly shared before. I felt deeply connected to those listening.

UNGIRL. A truly legendary space to be formed in Saigon.

UNGIRL (formerly Leading Women) speaking nights are a can-not-miss events in colourful Saigon. The topics are very related to my life, and also a nice chance whereas I have found many new friends and connection as well. I felt very warm and chilled in the events where women empower each other with sharing, kindness and honesty. Can't wait to join another night!



I have volunteered for over a year with UNGIRL (formerly Leading Women) and I can say that it has been quite rewarding. Speaking nights are always different and we do our best to create a safe space for women to express themselves, share about their journey, and empower themselves. I had the opportunity to meet amazing women and I am happy to continue contributing to more stories like those ones

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