This is a community for all those who identify as female. 

We want to put an end to taboo and shame culture. We value and promote real, honest accounts from women about sex, gender, relationships, health and mental wellbeing. Nothing is off the table! Wanna talk about your sexual kinks, body hair, an abusive relationship or mental health problems? We are listening. 

Forget about taboos, we wanna talk about all things S E X! That includes sexual health, kinks, sexuality, gender, and your explicit confessions and stories!

We want to be a place where you can express yourself. Talk about relationships, self-love, lack of love and whatever else your heart desires! 

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. We can erase the shame that surrounds mental health and help support each other through our combined experiences. 

We grow up being told our body is a sacred flower and we should forever hide it. Personally, we think that’s bullshit. Our bodies are beautiful, in all shapes, sizes and colours, so let’s embrace them!

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