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Smells That Can Increase Your Sex Drive and Increase Pleasure

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

I think we can all agree that a bad smell can be a huge turn-off, but how much can a good smell be a turn on? Well luckily for us, there have been some scientific studies that positively link certain essential oils to an increase in relaxation, erections and arousal!

Actually, the science of smell goes so far as to tell us that men with a lower sense of smell, had a lower sexual response and overall less sexual experiences, and women with this condition had fewer feelings of partnered security and connection, so it turns out our nose has a big impact on our ability to desire and enjoy sex!

Can Any Perfume Turn us On?

So before you go crazy spraying your perfume to make your partner's arousal go off the charts, it's not all smells that have this effect, and in fact, many perfumes can cause headaches in people who are sensitive to synthetic smells, so choose the smell wisely and opt for natural essential oils to get the best effect. We've listed some of the most researched scents below.

Smells to Help You Relax and Get in the Mood

Lavender - relaxation

Relaxation is key to increasing your arousal and ability to orgasm and lavender is a powerful smell that not only relaxes and calms you, but a study has found that people who smell it experience a drop in stress and an increase in energy, which is a great combination for sex!

Clary Sage - Reduces stress and increases mood

This essential oil has been linked to reducing menstrual pain, which is a huge win for anyone with a period, but it also has been shown to reduce stress. This makes it a great all-rounder for couples and solos, to help deal with painful periods and set the scene for a pleasurable night in.

Ylang Ylang - Increases mood and lowers feelings of sadness

It's crazy to think that a smell alone can improve your feelings of self-confidence, but one study has linked ylang ylang to this if you apply it directly to the skin. The scent can also lead to feelings of happiness and excitement, so I think we could all benefit from that during those days we don't feel confident about our bodies.

Smells to Help Increase Sexual Arousal and Function

Jasmine - Increased Sex Drive

Jasmine has been used for a long time in aromatherapy and other natural treatments and it's loved for its stimulating effect. Even studies have proven that the essential oil can lead to feelings of well-being and increased mood. It's one of the most popular scents used in perfumes due to its effect and in some parts of the world it's known as the 'perfume of love'.

Sandalwood - Increases Desire

Ladies, this one is especially for you, (so men, listen up too)! Studies have shown that sandalwood resulted in higher levels of self-reported arousal in women, which is a blessing for us all! Considering female arousal can be so easily affected, choosing a perfume or essential oil with sandalwood, can potentially lead to more sexual pleasure for everyone!

Eurycoma Longifolia - Increased Erection and Arousal

This scent may not be well known to many of you but it has been used as an aphrodisiac for men in Malaysia and it has been studied on rats and shown to increase erections and arousal to have sex in rats who had a lower sexual response. Of course, humans are not going to have the same reaction as rats, but the study does show some positive findings!

Ginseng - Better Erections and Blood Flow

A study found that taking 3gm of red-ginseng per day increased sexual desire and ability in menopausal women. There have been many other studies showing its effect on male sexual function. It is a very popular treatment in Chinese medicine and has been used to treat sexual dysfunction, so whether you eat it, drink it or smell it, it could have a great impact on your sexual pleasure.

Ginger - Increased Arousal and Circulation

Ginger is an amazing all-rounder, it's great for stomach aches, headaches, circulation and it has been shown to increase male arousal in a study. The effects on the body alone will positively impact sex, considering good blood circulation leads to better orgasms and more erections, so ginger is a winner for everyone!

Don't Ignore Your Pheromones

Essential oils and perfumes can be great, but one of the most potent smells that can increase our sex drive is our own smell! Our pheromones are chemicals that send subconscious messages to our partners and people around us. They can turn our partner on, and some believe that when we feel very attracted to someone, it's partly based on their smell as our bodies feel that we would be a good match. That doesn't mean we shouldn't wash or wear deodorant, but sometimes it's good not to mask our natural smell too much with perfume, as we could be losing some of our own natural arousing smell.

What turns you on?

Is there a smell that turns you on? Do you like a partner who wears perfume or do you prefer a natural smell? How about candles and diffusers? Making a small change like using an essential oil could possibly lead to more sex and orgasms, so it's worth a try!

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