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Who are UNGIRLS?


We are girls who swear, girls who fuck, girls who say no, girls who shout, girls who eat, girls who dance, girls who dress ‘slutty’, girls who are fat, girls who are skinny, girls who are all the in-between.

We are girls who bleed, girls who don’t bleed, girls who decide to or not to have kids on our own terms, girls who love girls, girls who love boys, girls who love all genders, girls who love themselves, girls who choose to be single, girls who choose to be celibate, girls who choose the life they want to live.

We are girls supporting each other, raising our voices, encouraging our dreams. We are girls accepting and loving each other, even when the world tries to pit us against each other. We are girls who welcome girls who have been rejected and mistreated.

We are girls who say fuck you to society’s standards and expectations on us. Fuck you to the control and oppression of our bodies and voices. Fuck you to the violence and injustice served to girls around the world. Fuck you to the people who try to tell girls we aren’t really girls.

We are girls who reject your expectations and limitations of a girl. We are girls who are unlearning and redefining what it means to be a girl. We are UNGIRLS.

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