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Resources on sex, health, careers + education

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O school

Q+A of all things SEX. Great for adults and kids, an informal and comfortable way to learn more about sex and our bodies.

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erica lust

Wonderful and empowered erotica, scripted and directed by women. The cast always features a diverse range of people and the films are very creative! The website now also features a FREE ORGASM guide. 

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Ask the sex

Experiencing some issues in your relationship? You're not alone. You can read past questions or ask your own.

Sex + Relationships

sex + relationships

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Career Contessa

Career-advice, tools and resources specifically designed for and by women. Check out their online courses or free tools to help write a CV.

career + Finance

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Clever Girl Finance

Making finance easy for women. Free courses in investing, saving and helping you make more money! Yes to #femalefinance

career + Finance

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Grants, scholarships and resources for women and female orientated organisations. 

career + Finance

careers and money

Career + Finance
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Anxiety social net

Mental health social network to support and connect those suffering with mental health.

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planned parenthood

Learn about your options for birth control and take a quiz to see what might be the best fit for you!

Body Positive

body positive

An organisation created to help people learn to love their bodies and overcome toxic body image problems.

sex ed + mental health

Body + Mind
Philanthropy University

Philanthropy University

Philanthropy University is for non profit leaders looking to deepen their knowledge and skills, build their organization’s capacity and unlock greater impact.

Future Learn

Future Learn

Explore FREE online courses to continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts at home. Future Learn offers courses in business, teaching, healthcare and more. 

Code Academy

Code academy

Learn to code for FREE!

Code Academy offers a full learning process from beginner to landing your first job.


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