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Self Love & Pleasure

Pleasure, Body Confidence & Mindful Masturbation Intense 30 Day Course

welcome to the course

​​Experience Greater Pleasure from Sex and Masturbation

Increase Your Body Confidence

Learn & Practice 15+ Masturbation Techniques

Discover New Ways to Turn Yourself On

Develop a Healthier Relationship With Sex

Learning Outcomes

course details

The course will take place over 30 days and includes:

  • 4 group coaching sessions

  • 1-2 Workshops

  • A comprehensive course book with activities, guided challenges, advice and support.

  • A private group chat with myself and members of the course, including regular messages and advice.

  • There are optional 1-1 sessions that can be added

Disclaimer: This course will not provide health advice and can not be substituted for therapy. 

Course Description

Week 1 - Unlearning Masturbation Shame


To unlearn embarrassment and shame of masturbation and replace it with a healthy understanding and create pleasure positive goals for ourselves during this course and after.

Week Breakdown:


  • Destigmatising self pleasure

  • Unlearning and clarifying myths about masturbation

  • Replacing negative thoughts about self pleasure with positive

  • Learning and establishing health and wellness reasons to masturbate

  • Overcoming embarrassment about talking about pleasure

  • Accepting and embracing our right to pleasure 

Week 2 - The Anatomy of Pleasure


To learn 10+ fundamental techniques of masturbation and educate ourselves on the physical pleasure zones throughout our body and how we can embrace the unique beauty and power of our body. 

Week Breakdown:


  • Anatomical breakdown of the female body and it's erogenous zones.

  • A deeper look at different types of orgasms and how to achieve them.

  • Analysis of the different parts of the vulva, vagina and anus and how to touch them. 

  • How to increase body confidence through pleasure.

  • Manual masturbation techniques workshop. 

Week 3 - Unlocking Your Sexual Desire


A deeper look at the psychology behind desire and how we can stimulate our arousal with and without a partner. To accept and embrace our hidden desires and use them to increase our sexual pleasure.

Week Breakdown:


  • Understand the steps from arousal to orgasm in the brain.

  • Understand and identify reasons for our sexual arousal or lack of it.

  • Methods and advice on how to increase our sex drive.

  • Ethics of pornography and other erotica.

  • Learning how to use erotica to stimulate ourselves. 

Week 4 - Mindful Masturbation & Mindset


Creating a healthy and meaningful relationship with self  pleasure through mindful masturbation that will allow us to love ourselves and our bodies more deeply and set standards for our relationships with others. 

Week Breakdown:


  • What does mindful masturbation mean?

  • The positives of a healthy mindset towards sex.

  • How to 'get out of your head' and tap into your body.

  • Masturbation in a relationship.

  • Setting boundaries and standards for yourself and your relationships. 

  • How to practice mindful masturbation in your daily life.


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Full Course Workbook & Guided Journal

Small Intimate Group

4 Coaching Sessions

Private Group Page & Message Group

Personalised Support & Advice

Semi-intensive Course

Early bird price



Full Course Workbook & Guided Journal

Small Intimate Group

2 Coaching Sessions

Private Group Page & Message Group

Personalised Support & Advice


Does this sound like you?

  • You struggle to experience pleasure from sex

  • You masturbate, but it feels shallow or not as valid as sex with a partner

  • You're afraid to ask for what you want in bed or with a partner

  • You have hidden desires or 'shameful' thoughts about sex

  • You feel like you don't deserve pleasure

  • You worry that no one will love your body and you're scared to let people see or touch it.


These are all things that I have struggled with. I constantly felt wrong for my desires. I tried to find partners who could make me enjoy sex the way I enjoyed it myself, but I kept failing. I felt there was something wrong with me and I suffered a lot of shame for my sexuality.

I finally realised that I was giving away the power over my body and my pleasure and leaving it up to others to fulfil me, and I needed to work on showing myself that love instead. I've been working on that for the past 6 years and the journey has been one of the most fulfilling and important of my life. It's taught me that I deserve pleasure, that I am worthy of respect and love, and that I don't need to change for anyone.


 That is the journey I want to go on with you. 

It won't end in 4 weeks, but it will give you the tools, the support and the motivation to continue the healing and discovery after the course is over.

It will leave you with the knowledge that you are deserving of pleasure and how to achieve it.


Meet the Guide

I'm Cat and i'm the founder of UNGIRL. I have always been an advocate for female pleasure and sexual equality but I have a special passion for masturbation. My self pleasure journey started very young, around 7 or 8. Since then, I have been developing new skills and techniques and I can attribute it to so much of my self confidence and respect. I am incredibly inspired to help more people experience self pleasure and start to use it as a tool to create a more meaningful relationship with themselves and others.

Meet the Guide

Dates & times

We are currently open for pre-registration and if we get enough interest, we will set a date & time.

Dates & Times

"Masturbation is not just a release, it's a tool of self discovery, body acceptance and a genuine way to develop a deep, meaningful relationship with yourself. Positive, mindful masturbation will help you in so many ways! From body confidence, to pleasure with and without a partner. This course will cover a holistic view of masturbation and will help us with the acceptance of our wants, needs and sexuality."

 who is this course for? 

This course is aimed at anyone with a vulva. We welcome all genders and identities.


beginner         intermediate

This course can be taken by complete beginners to masturbation and people with experience who want to learn new techniques.
The course will give you the opportunity to connect with others who believe in the power of self pleasure and we will create a community support page. 

Who Can Attend?
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