We are bossy, we are loud, we are angry. We are bitches, witches and sluts.


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Clothes and accessories designed to inspire and empower change for girls around the world. Be an unapologetic feminist with our UNGIRL collection.

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No topic is off limits! Taboos, shame, guilt don't exist in our blog. Read our honest and open accounts from women about sex, periods, body image + more.


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    Join our monthly UNGIRLS club party! This is where we can get to know each other, make stronger connections and talk about all those weird and wonderful things we're usually too embarrassed to.



I remember when I first came to an (UNGIRL, formerly Leading Women) speaking night, I felt so thrilled by the concept. Cat was hosting so well always with a touch of humor and knew how to make people feel comfortable. I’ve heard some of the craziest & heartbreaking stories and I couldn’t wait each time to go to the next event to hear some other brave women share their stories. The speaking nights in Saigon are a safe place for women to get the opportunity to just speak up and open up about so many topics (taboos or not). It’s also a place where people can practice their public speaking with no judgment. So grateful to be part of LW!

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