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5 Things No One Tells You About Your Period

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Let's End Period Shame

Why are periods one of the most embarrassing things to talk about? I remember talking to my mum about periods when I was a child and I was SO excited to get one! One day she asked me if i'd gotten my period, and I confidently said; "yes! I got it for about 2 hours on Sunday." If only periods were 2 hours one sunday of the month! But as soon as I reached puberty, I was absolutely terrified to talk about periods. Women literally go to the shop, buy 20 things just to disguise the pack of tampons, and hope the cashier doesn’t notice, but WHY? Periods are the reason the human race exists, but those who have to face them, still get a whole bunch of shit just for admitting its existence and daring to talk about it!

Period shaming is a serious threat to women. Girls die each year from ‘menstrual isolation’, a practice that forces women on their periods to isolate themselves from their family and live in a cave for the duration of their period.

Periods are messy and totally annoying, but the shame that surrounds our period is unnecessary, cruel, and deadly. We need to create more honest dialogue around menstruation, so I’m starting with this. Here are the 5 honest things I wish I had known about periods:

1. You'll poo - a lot!

If you're wondering why you poo more on your period, it's normal! Your body gets all messed up during your period, your levels of prostaglandins drop, and your progesterone rise, combined with the cramping and pressure on your intestines, resulting in a funky new poo schedule, yay! Some people get diarrhea, some get constipation, so who knows what’s really going on? However, the main thing is not to be too embarrassed about it. You’re not disgusting, you didn’t eat something dodgy, it’s just hormones!

2. You Might Get Really Horny!

What the hell is up with hormones; during the month I’m not that fussed about sex, but then as soon as I’m all bloody and shit, I wanna fuck bad!

Why do we get horny during our period? As usual with women, it's a mix of your hormones rising and falling. Best thing is not to question it, just ride the feeling and enjoy it!

I know I wondered if period sex was 'bad' or 'unclean' but period sex is actually surprisingly common - it’s just a bit messier than usual, but sex is always a bit messy, so is it really a big deal? Probably not as much as we make it out to be! If you’re horny, just do what you’ve got to do, not only does it feel good, it also helps relieve period pain - so, win win, right!?

3. Your Boobs Grow!

If you're wondering why your bra no longer fits, don't worry, and don't throw it away! Your boobs will probably grow (sometimes a lot!) and your nipples might also hurt like hell (or might get more sensitive depending on the situation - wink wink) during the week before and during your period. Boobs are weird, they change a lot during the month, meaning you might actually need several sizes of bra just to deal with it (like women need more things to buy!) but I’d personally recommend a soft, stretchy sports bra for this time of the month. Try not to feel too awkward about your boobs growing, most people won't notice the growth and definitely not more than you, and even if they do, it's nothing to be ashamed of!

4. Your Period Tries To Trick You!

Almost every month, I get to the end of my period, I stop bleeding and put away all my tampons and pads and I go back to wearing my nice underwear, then BAM! My period comes back for a day and I bleed all over my sheets. THANKS VAGINA!

If this happens to you, just be wary and wear a pad for an extra day or two to save you throwing out another set of sheets! However, if you experience more bleeding between your period, consult your doctor, as this can be caused by your contraceptive or other medical issues.

5. You Will Bleed on Every Mattress

You will bleed on every mattress you own, and some of your friends and families’. There seems to be one rule in life for all those with a period; your pad/tampon/cup will fail you. You will forget to put one in, you’ll forget to change it, you’ll underestimate how much you bleed, you’ll lie in a weird position and miss the pad entirely and bleed out the side of your pants, you’ll dislodge your tampon/cup and bleed out…something will happen and you will stain your mattress. It’s just one of life’s fuck ups and there’s not much that can be done. We really just have to start making red mattresses and be done with it.

Periods Don't Have to Embarrassing!

Periods are just one of life's little annoying gifts and as much as we may hate them, cry over them, be in pain over them, we shouldn't be ashamed of them! Let's put an end to period stigma now! What embarrassing period stories do you have? Or do you have any more things you'd add to the list? Let us know in the comments or send us a message!

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