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Slutty Science: Suicide

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

TRIGGER-WARNING! Mentions of suicide.

HOW TO tell your DATE your LIFESTORY? The Slut Show With Ellen Moore E3S1

Last week on The Slut Show we broke down the world of taboos surrounding domestic abuse, struggles with mental health and how to support friends going through rough times. In the fourth and final episode of the very first season of The Slut Show, we are discussing a subject that is not so slutty, but ever so important: suicide. We are talking openly about the way this subject played a role in our life and how we tried to support those around us, while maintaining healthy boundaries for ourselves.

We live in a world full of uncertainty and if anything triggers flare ups in my depression it is that exact thing. As I’m writing this article we are waiting for the final results of the presidential election in the united states. No matter what the result will be, the consequences will be huge for everyone. I am not here to bore you with politics, nor will I waist more of my precious breath talking about COVID-19. I’m huge on positive vibes and manifesting the future we want, but even for me sometimes it feels like the world is invincibly screwed. And guns, they don’t make anything better.

Slutty Science

(But not that slutty this time)

In 2016, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Suicide rates have steadily increased in recent years. From 2000 through 2016, suicide rates increased for both males and females, with greater annual percentage increases occurring after 2006.

Among females aged 25–44, 32% of suicides involved firearms.

Firearms were the second most frequent means of suicide among females aged 45 and over, accounting for 32% of suicides among those aged between 45 and 64.

38% among those aged between 65 and 74 and 33% among those aged 75 and over.

No matter what political standpoint you take, these are facts. They are statistics. It is the truth and it’s a truth I would love to change. How do you think we can accomplish that? What are your personal experiences with suicide or mental illnesses? My DM’s are always open for a good conversation or some new facts.

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Hedegaard, H., Curtin, S. C., & Warner, M. (2018, juni). Suicide Rates in the United States Continue to Increase.

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